About Anna

I love delivering high quality sessions which cater for all abilities, in a welcoming, relaxing and supportive environment. At the same time I also like to make sure that everyone is having fun, able to work within their own capabilities and the option to progress and adapt exercises.

I have always been aware of pilates from working in the gym, however had never really thought it was for me. I was teaching high impact classes and naively thought this was the best way to keep fit.


This all changed when I injuried my back. 



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At the time of my back injury I was working in sales alongside the NHS, in a highly stressful environment with sales targets, long hours and not much time for myself to switch off.


I had back surgery at the age of 29 and my time in hospital was life changing.  I had low blood pressure and struggled to stand and walk, without fainting.  My body was surprisingly weak.  Being surounded by people recovering from knee and hip operations, I had time to reflect, could our injuries and operations have been avoided?


The biggest challenge from the operation was being able to drive without being in pain. It was a minefield of which therapies would be suitable. I was deeply confused as to why this had happened, as I had been very active. I decide to retire from hockey, which I had played since I was 5, I loved it and was heart broken.  However this led me down a road of self-discovery and rehabilitation.

I realised not only is movement key, but also the type of movement, in recovery from the operation and also to reduce future injuries on the body.

I found an incredible Pilates teacher who helped me to move with confidence and encouraged me to be more body aware. It was not about showing me the movements, she helped me to understand my body and why I was doing a particular movement.  However she sadly announced that she was moving to Australia, so I tried to find a replacement, but that proved harder than I initially imagined. 

So I decided to follow in her footsteps and study the Pilates qualifications that she had completed, in order to learn how to look after my body again. I have been in the health and fitness industry since I was 17 years old and having a number of health and fitness qualifications, this helped enormously. 

Upon reflection I have always been fascinated with how the body moves and how certain exercises assist with injuries and other medical conditions. I just never knew how, until my back injury so I guess that was a blessing in disguise. I have learnt an awful lot over the years and continue to do so. I strongly believe you can never learn enough and staying up to date with the latest research is key to making sure, I give the best possible care and training to any person I am working with. So I do what I do, because I never want to see anyone else feel alone or lost with any injuries, aches and pains.

Plus I want to show everyone that exercise, health and well-being is accessible to all regardless of their medical conditions.