Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of Pilates do you teach?

It is a modern Pilates and is suitable for our lifestyles nowadays. The exercises are functional, assisting everyone to move freely in their everyday life. All the exercises can be adapted which is ideal for back, neck, shoulder, wrist, hip, knee and foot conditions.

Most people have muscle imbalances. In the classes we focus on all the muscles working how they are designed to work, so underused muscles start to work efficiently and over worked muscles work less. Everyone benefits from a calmer body, muscles working in a more balanced way with less tension, aches and discomfort.

I am a new to Pilates,
are the classes suitable for me?

The classes are small and mixed abilities. Each exercise is demonstrated and clearly explained so you will be aware of what to do and are easy to follow.  Please contact me as you may prefer 1-2-1 pilates before joining a class.

How many people are in the class?

The classes are small, actual number depends on size of venue. As classes are small everyone receives individual attention throughout the class. 

I am not sure the online pilates is for me?

Teaching online is new to us all and suits some people more than others. If you would like to try a class or have any queries, please let me know.

What do I wear for Pilates?

Comfortable clothes which you can move freely in. Please avoid clothing with zips, buttons and Velcro. You may prefer socks or bare feet for matwork.

I have a back condition and am apprehensive about starting Pilates?

Every back condition is different so each person is assessed individually. Individual sessions maybe more appropriate in some cases. Please contact myself and we can discuss the best option for you personally.

I have a medical condition and am concerned I may not be able to do all the exercises?

You will be asked to complete a confidential medical questionnaire, to assess your suitability, any medical condition will be discussed before the class. Everyone works at their own pace and the exercises can be adapted or progressed depending on your experience and medical conditions.

Do I need to bring any equipment?

I do not provide any equipment any more. Particpants are encouraged to bring their own mats and a towel or cushion.  If you have a band, block and other equipment that is great. You may wish to bring some water.

Equipment is used as it provides support, progression and helps you to become more body aware. 

Most of my equipment that was used in class was from the physical company.  The balance boards are from We R Sport, however sometimes amazon have sell them too.