Terms and Conditions


Details of the class times and workshops are displayed on ‘Core Balance Wellbeing Group' on facebook and this website. Please note these class details may change.  Sometimes there are classes on bank holidays, please check. 


On certain occasions Core Balance Wellbeing, may take photos or videos of the class, workshop or 1-2-1 for marketing. This highlights real people taking part in pilates. The photographs tend to be floor shots and not close ups. Core Balance Wellbeing, will always ask the class and/or individual prior to taking photographs or videos. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you give permission for your image to be used in promotional photographs or videos unless expressly stated otherwise, in writing, ahead of the event. 


Unable to make a class


If you are unable to make an online class, you have access to all the online classes, so can join another class.  You also have access to the pre recorded pilates videos in the members area on this website, this is via a password.


If you are unable to make an in person class, you have access to the class via online.  You also have access to the pre recorded pilates videos in the members area on this website, this is via a password.



Medical Cancellation Policy


Membership cancellation is permitted where a client is not able to participate in a class due to medical reasons. Reasons include an injury, operation or medical condition as such that a doctor has advised that no activity such as Pilates should be undertaken. A doctor’s note confirming that the client was not permitted to participate in Pilates is required to be presented to Core Balance Wellbeing within 7 days of the first missed session, upon receipt a refund will be given for any session(s) unattended due to the afore mentioned condition.


Privacy Policy


Core Balance Wellbeing will never sell, trade, rent, exchange or otherwise share your personal information with any other person, company or organisation for any purposes, with the exception of images taken in classes.  Your personal information will be stored securely at all times.


Health and Safety


To participate in a Pilates class, one to one, workshop or online Pilates programme, a health questionnaire form is required to be completed and returned to Core Balance Wellbeing ahead of the class, one to one, workshop or online Pilates programme being undertaken.


Some of the equipment used, requires the participant to use it with bare feet otherwise you will not be able to use the equipment. In some cases Pilates/Yoga socks with a raised soul can be used.


Talk to Core Balance Wellbeing, if you have any medical conditions, injuries or recent surgeries, or if there is anything else you think we may need to know that could affect you participating in the exercises in class.


It is required that mobile phones be turned off during classes, one to one and workshops, in order to ensure that you, and other clients, gain the maximum benefit from the class.  If you are expecting an important call, please let Anna know.



Classes online and in person pilates - online payment due last day of the month for the next month.  

1-2-1 online and in person due on day of appointment.  

Online payment is preferred, however if this is not possible, correct amount cash is accepted in an envelope, for in person classes and 1-2-1. 

Please note payment only secures places in classes and in workshops.  

Should you have any questions or require further detail, please do not hesitate to contact Core Balance Wellbeing.